How do I launch a site?

Root Folder > Action Control Panel (ACP)

Here are steps on how you can launch your site.

1. SELECT A HOSTING PLAN – Click on "Packages" > "Add New".  Select the appropriate web hosting plan from the drop down list and enter the domain name as the "Package Name".  Click "Save".

2. MANAGE CREDIT CARD – Click on "Billing" > "Manage Credit Cards" > "Add New" and enter your credit card information.  This area is over a secured SSL connection.

3. MAKE PAYMENT – Click on "Billing" > "Make Payment" > ensure the amount is correct > "Next".  Be careful not to click twice.  Once the payment has gone through successfully, do NOT click “NEXT” again.

4. PURCHASE ANY ADD-ONS – Click on "Packages" > click on the package you wish to add an extra feature > "Extra Features" > select the feature from the drop down list > "Add".


6. ADD DOMAIN – Click on "Domains" > "Add New" > enter the domain name exactly as it was registered (Action Hosting is NOT responsible for domain name registration) > "Save".  At this point, please be patient while the Control Panel creates your domain and all appropriate configurations.  By default, each site launch will automatically have a standard Under Construction Flash page called “_holding.htm”.

7. UPLOAD SITE FILES – You can upload your files via the Control Panel or FTP client.

a. Control Panel File Manager – Click on "Domains" > click on the domain you wish to work with > "File Manager" (this portion requires Java.  You may need to click YES to a message window to continue).  The left box represents your computer and the right box represents your web space.  Select all site files from the left box and click on the ">" button to upload it.

b. FTP Client – Use the following FTP information
FTP Server:
Username: <domain name> (ie. If your site is "", the username is "")
Password: <automatically set to your control panel password>

To change FTP password, click on "Domains" > click on the domain you wish to work with > "FTP Accounts" > click on FTP user > enter new password > "Save"

c. If you do not have the site files and would like your production center to upload the files for you, provide them with the FTP information.

8. If the site requires MS SQL Database, please send a backup of the MS SQL Database to  Please include the domain name, database username & password.

9. If the site is currently live elsewhere and has ACTIVE EMAIL accounts, you should create ALL of the same accounts with Action Hosting through the Control Panel.  This ensures that once DNS is pointing to Action Hosting, email will properly be received.
(Domains > click on the domain to add email accounts > Email Accounts > Add New)

10. If the site is working correctly, you can change the name server information with your registrar.  Please request that the following name servers be set (in listed order) with your registrar.  This will direct all web and email traffic to Action Hosting. [] []

If the DNS will be managed by a 3rd party, please submit a ticket to requesting the DNS information.  Please include the domain name.