How to launch pOpASAP Trial

Root Folder > Action Control Panel (ACP)

Here are steps on how you can launch pOpASAP Trial site.

1. CREATE A HOSTING PLAN – From Home, click on Packages > Add New > select "ASAP - pOpASAP Trial ($59.95) (Free)" from the drop down list and enter the domain name as the "Package Name" > Save.

2. ADD DOMAIN – From Home, click on Domains > Add New > select the package you purchased in step 1 from the drop down list > enter the domain name exactly as it was registered (Action Hosting is NOT responsible for domain name registration) > Save.
At this point, please be patient while the Control Panel creates your domain and all appropriate configurations.

3. LAUNCH ASAP SITE - From Home, click on Domains > click the domain you just launched in step 2 > pOpASAP TRIAL LAUNCH > LAUNCH.  A new link to Website Manager will appear.  This is a direct link to your pOpASAP admin login.  Also note the UserName & Password to be used to log in.

4. Trial is free for 30 days.  Action billing system will remind you by creating an invoice 25 days from launch.