Urchin 5 Software and Google Analytics.

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Urchin 5 Software and Google Analytics

Google Urchin on Demand was once a service offered by Google for $199/Month.  With the recent acquisition Urchin Google is now offering this service under the name Google Analytics for free.

At Action Hosting we offer the service of Google Urchin 5 which is almost identical to Google Analytics. Action will upgrade to Urchin 6 upon release,  providing our customer with the same analytical capability of Google Analytics.

The major difference between Google Urchin 5 and Google Analytics is the method in which the report is generated.  For Google Analytics to function every web page will have to include a script (provided by Google) while Google Urchin 5 Software use logs created on the fly by the web server.

Google Urchin 5 Software offers the following advantages over Google Analytics.

• Google Urchin 5 Software use logs compiled by the server
• Google Urchin 5 Software requires no additional code to be added to your pages.
• Google Urchin 5 Software does not generate additional bandwidth usage.

If you would like to use Google Analytics on your existing web sites hosted with Action Hosting we can add the necessary script (Google provided when you signed up for Google Analytics service)  for you at a fee of $4.95 per page.

It you are planning to use Google Analytics on a new site you can ask your production center to add the necessary scripts for you.